Nice to meet you - Adv. Rivka Shapadov

30 years old from Ramat Hasharon (but actually restrained)
Accredited by Tel Aviv University (but graduated from the ultra-orthodox campus)
Married to Guy Yariv (but works together with him every day)
And every day I do something new that scares me

Behind every lawyer is a human being

The professional experiences that consolidate the expertise


road start

My first steps in the world of law began at the Ministry of Finance as an intern in the criminal department of VAT.
Already in the first month of my internship, I received special (and rare) permission to appear in the courts, which gave me a lot of experience in litigation at a very early stage of my career, which was reflected in the preparation of the 'ground' for the hearing, in the strategy of managing the case and, of course, in the actual appearance before the judge.
As part of my role as an intern, I worked on complex and sophisticated tax offense cases, some of which even received a lot of media attention. I worked alongside the director of the department as well as alongside the deputy who later became a judge in criminal law. After the qualification, I worked in a leading law firm in the field of local authorities and litigation.
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Tax expertise

After the qualification, I worked in a leading law firm in the field of local authorities and litigation.
I represented dozens of local authorities all over the country, which gave me a lot of purpose in property tax laws and complex issues such as: lawsuits against controlling owners.
Also, I gained many connections and a lot of trust with people. All the parties I worked with which helps me today to manage cases in the area of property tax in the best and most efficient way. I am a qualified mediator in the field of labor law
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Preparing witnesses for the hearing

In addition to my work as a lawyer, I lecture on behalf of the Public Speaking School and conduct workshops in the context of public speaking and help people overcome public fear. This made me an expert in preparing witnesses and clients for court appearances, so that all the witnesses I prepared were always at their best and always managed to express their side of the story in front of the judge despite the excitement and difficulty that is sometimes involved.
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If I don't determine the course of my life myself, it is certain that others will determine the course of my life

Rivka Shepadov

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the back' Ahinoam Zuriel
Beer Sheva District Court
Dr. Yitzhak Herzog
Law lecturer
Ono Academic College
Attorney Ron Hamed
Founder and partner
Hamad & Co. Attorney's Office
Rival Guy
CEO and founder
The public speaking school
Adv. Inbar Ofrat Weinstein
Director of the criminal department
Jerusalem Tax Authority

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