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    רבקה שפדו- ר

    Why Tax and Local-Tax Litigation is Different?

    In the years I worked at the Tax Authority, I saw how the state authorities - the Tax Authority, the National Insurance, and even the municipalities - treated taxpayers as if they had lost the trial even before it started.  

    It should be understood, tax law is considered one of the most complex branches of civil law. And those that are hard to beat.

    The reason for this is the starting point in tax law which is coercion. That is to say that no one wants to pay them, and therefore every claimant has to show that his argument is particularly strong, and will not bring a lot of additional taxpayers after him (in which case the legislator simply changes the law). Therefore, the burden on a plaintiff is always heavier: every plaintiff must be original and it is more difficult to rely on precedents or professional experience as in other branches of law.

    It takes a certain kind of talent to succeed in lawsuits against the tax authorities. And once you know how to do it right, you can return a lot of money to the taxpayers.

    Civil and criminal cases
    Court appearances
    Local authorities
    Agreements and mediations

    The personal story. The professional background

    To understand people like I do
    You have to go through life like I went through

    Tel Aviv University - Master's studies
    Tax Authority - specialization in law
    Qualified lawyer
    Law degree and mediator certificate
    Director of the Debate Club in RG
    Guide for the promotion of Ethiopian women academics
    Trained in public speaking school
    Volunteers in the association for expats in Shala
    The mother of the restrained girl with 6 brothers and sisters who changed 5 ultra-orthodox boarding schools in seven years became a lawyer from Herzliya

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